Wash Day Is Upon Us.

When I started my natural hair journey, a hair regimen pretty much did not exist in my life. I pretty much did whatever I wanted to my hair until I realised that things were getting serious. Natural hair requires time and dedication, if you’re not willing to put in the work then you’re wasting your time (for real). Its like being in a relationship.

To ensure that your  hair flourishes, you need to put it on a hair regimen. A hair regimen can help you figure out what products agree with your specific hair type.

First and foremost: do your wash day on a day you’re least busy because it can take up a lot of time, who knows, black Jesus might show up to help you do your twists. This is how it goes down for me every Sunday – don’t whatsapp, @, DM, SMS or call me on wash day.

Its Called Pre Poo Bih.

I would like to say thank you to pre poo for joining my wash day regimen and switching things up. A pre shampoo is basically a little treatment you do before you wash your hair. It helps condition your hair, loosen dirt which helps your hair come out of a wash strong. You can use whatever product your hair desires: protein treatment, humectants (will get into this soon) or oils.

I use Cotton Curls Coconut oil infused with Spearmint oil and it really brings my hair out a wash extra moisturized.

A pre poo is pretty simple to do:

  1. with natural hair it is better to work in sections so I section out my hair and detangle with a wide tooth comb (throw away all other combs, this is the only comb you need in your life).
  2. I then apply coconut oil to each section, work it through and twist the section up into a thick ass twist.
  3. I cover my hair with a plastic and a tam to create a warm environment for my hair. this is very beneficial for those of you with low porosity hair as it helps open up the hair cuticle in order for moisture to get in.
  4. let it chill for 1 – 2hrs before washing.
That was just extra hair tea: I always got you.

Co-Wash: co-washing is basically when you use conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair. I went off shampoo because I’m on the lookout for a shampoo that’s more natural and isn’t going to leave me broke AF so for now we co-wash (products used in your regimen are subject to change throughout your journey). I use Organics Conditioner and its been really good to my hair.

Extra tea: buy your hair products middle of the month because that’s when they go on special.

Deep Conditioning: this is an important part of your regimen, its a chance for your hair to get all that good good in terms of moisture. If you want extra moisture, you can add an oil of your choice to your conditioner. I let my conditioner sit for 1 -2hrs before rinsing.

Extra tea: incorporate heat to your deep conditioning process by covering your hair with a plastic to create a warm environment. I usually cover up and use a hairdryer to create that extra heat. This is really beneficial for those of you with low porosity hair because heat helps in opening up that cuticle for moisture to get in.

Protective Style: Well done! You have made to the promise land of natural hair (the last step of wash day). Put your hair in a protective style after all the washing is done (unless you’re cool with dealing with shrinkage the next day). Protective styles are important in order to retain length and lessen the manipulation of your hair on the daily. I usually section out my hair, work some Cotton Curls Avocado Oil through each section and do twists/bantu knots.

Wash Day starter pack.

Your natural hair tea has been served

Irene x









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