I’m Back Bih!

First things first; I apologize for not posting in a minute (my life has been had about this). The things were just the things in the year that shall not be mentioned but I’m back now with a lot of knowledge to share so please accept the posts that are about to come your way as my apology.

I’ve decided that at this stage of my natural hair journey my focus has shifted fully towards the health of my hair; not that I didn’t care about the health of my hair during the other stages but there were times where it would be compromised due to wanting to achieve length goals. Natural hair is continuous trial and error no matter how long you’ve been in the game (well at least that’s how I feel). Different stages of the journey require you put your hair onto different things. This is why it is truly important that you learn your hair but we’ll get into all of that with time.

I appreciate all reads, shares, follows and especially patience ♥  I pledge to serve regular posts and not abandon you.

And with that I leave you with this:

giphy (13).gif
Til this day I don’t know what I was doing but blessings to the healthy hair we about to grow this year.

Natural peace, light & love.

Irene x









2 thoughts on “I’m Back Bih!

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  1. That gif of you at the end had me dead hahaha.
    Nice blog 🙂 will keep an eye out for it, even though this blog absolutely does not apply to me xD


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