Grape seed Oil: Wine Ain’t the Only Blessing From Grapes.


Before we continue, here’s a drink to Grape Seed oil: may you not be slept on no mo’!

Grape Seed oil has really changed the hair game up for me. Obsessed as I am with natural products I’m not going to lie; I hibernated on Grape Seed oil (note hibernated not slept). Now I did come across it while researching oils but because I was too within the hype of the beloved coconut oil, I didn’t care for it. Just like I don’t give a damn about grape seeds when eating grapes; I didn’t give a damn about grape seed oil.

It wasn’t really until my friend and fellow natural had mentioned she was using it on her hair and how it was doing the damn thing but the downside was that it had a horrible smell. I guess this piece of information put me off Grape Seed oil for some time but I eventually decided to show up to the Grape Seed oil party.

And it’s one party I ain’t leaving.

I have to say I was more than impressed with this oil and as it stands, Grape Seed oil is the Queen Muva oil in my natural hair cupboard. Rich in vitamin E, A, linoleic acid and it being polyunsaturated say hello to the strengthening of hair follicles, reduction of dandruff and other goods things. Grape Seed oil is also lightweight (which I love to hear as a low porosity kid) so I incorporated into my hair regimen as a sealant. Due to the presence of linoleic acid in Grape Seed oil, it protects against the loss of moisture in hair.

Coin Saver!!!

Compared to other natural oils, Grape Seed oil is actually inexpensive and I’m all for products that will not only work on my hair but also save me money. So if it is that time of the month where your financial status resembles the Sahara desert and you’re out of oil, Grape Seed oil is your best option.

Grape Seed oil deserves the Mary J Blige dance for this.

If you suffer from large amounts of shedding, Grape Seed oil can reduce hair loss due to the antioxidants in Grape Seed oil that halts DHT production, a hormone that causes the loss of hair. Before Grape Seed oil my shedding was not that bad, I would say it was on a level one but Grape Seed oil has further minimized my shedding. So for those of you who experience large amounts of shedding, jump on Grape Seed oil!

Hair Growth.

Grape Seed oil is packed with vitamin E which helps in repairing damaged hair follicles which further helps in stimulating hair growth. Me, myself and I can vouch for the growth powers of Grape Seed oil. It truly does amazing things to your hair ♥

Grape Seed stank solution:  add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil which will help in covering up the Grape Seed stank. I personally use lavender oil.



Left: Pietro Coricelli (currently using) 500ml: R74

Right: Sky Wilson’s 250ml: R40

Natural peace, love & light

Irene x









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