Edges 2017: Please Abeg!

These bad edges that I keep seeing in these streets really need to stop!

It’s very easy to have edges but y’all refuse to listen so because I got love for you I’ll provide the info on how to grow out as well as keep your edges. I’ve experienced botched edges and I was able to snatch them right back so I type this post from experience.

side rant: also I’m tired of seeing y’all gelling down dead edges claiming baby hair – that shit needs to stop today!


Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

A part from the ends of your hair, your edges are the most sensitive part of your hair so pay extra attention and care to your edges because they do tend to become thirsty and brittle – making your edges more prone to breakage.

When it comes to moisturizing my edges I’m on that twice a day steez, I don’t play. What I like to do and what has worked in terms of keeping my edges in tact is this simple routine:

  1. Spritz my edges with water and work that in.
  2. I then take my oil of choice and seal in the moisture by working it in where I just spritz.
  3. You can make use of your finger/toothbrush just to smooth out your edges further – do so gently.

Stay Away From Tight Hairstyles!!!

Whether its braids, weave, straight back or twists make sure whatever you get done is not too tight because you might as well write the eulogy for your edges right now.

No joke.

This is why it is important to speak out and have a voice when getting your hair done. If your stylist is disrespecting your edges to the point where its too tight or painful, let it be known. You’re paying money at the end of the day so you have every right to do so (don’t play yourself).

Protective styles do not mean neglect your hair o’ clock so continue to look out for your edges even when you have a protective style. Now I know braid buns and ponytails are cute and stuff but don’t tie your braids up too tight and don’t make these styles your daily bread because it can cause tension on your edges and alopecia is not a myth.

side note: also stay away from that damn glue, please and thank you! 

Patience is Key.

For those of you who are not patient you’re going to learn today. Your edges are not going to grow overnight but as long as you keep to what you need to do and stay patient, you’ll have great edges.

My Faves for Edges.

Here’s to full healthy edges in 2017.

Natural peace, love & light.

Irene x

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