The Braid Up.

If the change of season we’ve been experiencing ain’t got you braided up then you better get on it because we don’t play with winter hunny.

Not only do protective styles make us look bomb but they also help with retention of your hair’s length as well as protection against damage. To be real it is also a chance for our hair to go on vacation because let’s not lie sometimes I can’t deal with my hair and it just needs to be put away.

Braids will be the focus of this post as its my preferred protective style however the tips given can be applied to any protective style of your choice in order to get the maximum benefits.

Pre Braid Hair Prep.

Okay, to be honest the reason I do this is because I’m very particular about my hair, how I do it and I really don’t trust anyone to wash my hair but me, myself and I. Also I don’t trust those shampoos at the salon. So the day before going to do a braid up I do my usual wash day regimen, increasing my deep conditioning time just for control. When all that is done, I put my hair into twists to stretch it out. I really recommend this because it will make it easier for your stylist to blow out your hair and it will save you pain and hair (blowing out shrinkage is not fun).

You have a voice, use it!

Don’t be afraid to tell your stylist what you want, I mean it’s your hair and at the end of the day it is your money going into their pockets. I honestly don’t know here this thing of keeping quiet when your braids are being planted too tight comes from. It really needs to stop unless you want to be best friends with damage and alopecia. So please don’t be afraid to speak up.

Stay Away from Micro Braids!

I beg of you! I know they look nice and stuff but they will straight up fuck up your hair (for real) and not to mention they are also a pain to take out. If you’re going to do braids I recommend box braids and also make sure your stylist takes the right amount of hair for the thickness of the braids to avoid tension and damage.

Now I know we experience that fresh braid tension/itch for a couple of days (if it lasts longer than a week your braids were done too tight) so to ease that tension and itch I recommend Dark & Lovely Braids + Weaves Scalp Soother + Anti-itch.

I will get into all the products you can use when you have braids to promote healthy growth and also protect your hair in the next post.

Happy Braid Up Bih.

Natural peace, love & light

Irene x




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