The Braid Up: Get The Most Out W/ These Products.

First and foremost before we get into this week’s post, I would like to say thank you to every one of you who have been reading, sharing, liking and commenting on my posts. I really do appreciate the love you have shown me and I’m happy to be sharing this journey with you. Thank you.

Okay, okay put the tissues away and let’s handle this tea.

So since we’re still in protective style season I’ll be continuing with the braid up series. Today’s post will focus on products you can make use of during your braid up because you still need to take care of your hair underneath those braids.

Dark & Lovely Braids ‘n Weaves Scalp Soother + Anti-Itch.

As briefly mentioned in the previous braid up post this product really helps with the new braid tension and itchiness. It has a gel/liquid like consistency and it packs jojoba and peppermint oil which give a nice sooth. I only make use of it the first week of having braids however you can use it throughout the duration of your braid up as you see fit.

Amla Oil.

Best believe once those braids come on, the money to buy that bottle of Amla oil is coming out. Amla oil + braids = hair growth heaven and it does a good job of moisturizing (well at least in my experience). The only downside to using this oil is the smell but if you’re willing to be strong I recommend you jump on.

Avocado oil.

A great moisturizer, especially when your scalp is feeling dry. Due to its easy absorption into the scalp and the fact that it doesn’t make your hair greasy, it doesn’t create build up which is a huge bonus. Avocado oil is also a great oil to add to a spritz.

Grapeseed Oil.

I actually love mixing other oils with Grapeseed Oil because it’s the Georgie Zamdela of carrier oils (don’t @ me on this). Not to mention it’s like the super saiyan growth oil so imagine how shook I was when I mixed up grapeseed oil + a couple drops peppermint oil + a little Amla Oil. Shoutout to being broke because I wouldn’t have come up with this bomb ass growth oil.

Caivil Fusion Oil.

I’ve only used this oil once during a braid up and I found that it’s good for when your braids are new (you know that stage where your scalp is crazy dry) because it’s a thick oil so it will keep your scalp moisturized for longer. The natural ingredients in this oil make for an awesome growth oil and I’m really proud of Caivil for creating this natural goodness. I personally prefer to use it on my edges more than my scalp so if you want dope, thick edges blessed by the natural hair gods when your braid up comes to an end do not slumber on this product.

Because I Love You.

Stay away from those shelf sheen what what braid sprays because they will do nothing but clog up your pores and cause build up that we don’t need in our lives thank you very please. If you got them, throw them in the trash and never use them again. If you want a daily moisturizing spray – mix up a daily spritz.

Okay One Last Tip.

I personally never use one product for the whole duration I have my braids. Think of it as a different player for every stage of the game. So every 2 weeks my hair gets put on a different oil after a good cleansing in order to get those different benefits; getting the most out my protective style.

Natural peace, love & light

Irene x

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